Relaunched Flybuy’s campaign and misreading the Zeitgeist

Have you received a Coles Flybuy card in the post recently? Most likely you have with the re-launch of the Flybuys campaign which is said to be one of the largest mail outs in Australian history with more than eight million FlyBuys mailed out

But does this loyalty card tick all the boxes for a campaign in this day and age? Does it inspire activation, engagement and conversation? I don’t think so and here’s why.

The campaign lacks I feel, two key things. G for generosity and S for Social.


The relaunch of the Flybuys campaign includes a mass mailout with cards that need to be activated. This occurs on the Flybuys website which is also a clever way for Coles to gather lots of behavioural data on your personal spending habits as when you sign up the application process asks rather a lot of personal information with many of the fields marked as ‘required’ in order for you to progress to the next level of the application process.

But during the whole experience on their website two things which they could have expanded more on include:

G for generosity. Generation G

Any organisation or campaign needs to understand the zeitgeist of the time. The space, the values they operate in.   With the whole experience of the GFC behind them people  realised they wanted more from the companies they engaged with and purchased from. They wanted more collaboration, generosity and sympathy. Greed became bad (how many hairdryers does a person need after all!).   Last week the Guardian reported that

“in an unprecedented mass commitment, top figures including New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg, the hotel heir Barron Hilton, CNN media mogul Ted Turner, and the Star Wars director George Lucas have lent their names to the “giving pledge”, an initiative founded six weeks ago to encourage America’s richest families to commit money to society’s most pressing problems.”

As I said it’s part of the Zeitgeist.

So with this in mind wouldn’t it be great if the revamped  FlyBuys program would allow people to donate points / money to their preferred charity?

Imagine when you signed you were asked to pick a charity of your choice?  That you could reward your preferred charity?
Charities could include overseas aid, hospitals, disability etc. And every month you could either donate a certain amount of points  (or rather Coles could on your behalf donate points or rather money to your preferred charity) or you could choose to make one off larger donations as and when you see fit.

This type of program isn’t new.

Independent grocer IGA’s runs a program called IGA Community Chest which is a community support fund that is made up of a percentage of sales of IGA branded products and selected product lines bearing the Community Chest logo. IGA stores select a local group or charity to donate all of the money that has been collected at the store.Stores typically support local community groups and not-for-profit organisations.

In December 2011 IGA reported that the Community Chest program has raised over $55 million for charities over the past 8 years.

Imagine how much Coles would be contributing to charities if they had allowed this facility? And imagine how much more “in touch” the relaunched Flybuys campaign would appear to be? Not only that it would be giving people a real reason to discuss their reasons for signing up to Flybuys.

S for Social
The low level of social sharing functionality on the Flybuy’s website is actually quite amazing. Yes there is a link to Twitter and Facebook on the site but it appears to be attached there more as an afterthought than as a key part of the functionality.

There is no Facebook share facility. Imagine a handy tool allowing you to share what charity you nominated to your wall and then a way to alert this charity that you supported them if the charity has a page on Facebook?

What do you think of the relaunched Flybuys campaign?  Would you ‘reward’ or support your preferred charity on the campaign if the option was offered.

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